BID Business Plan

Milngavie My Way Business Plan’ published after approval to put BID Proposal to a ballot of voters was given by East Dunbartonshire Council on 6th January 2014. Ballot packs containing a hard copy of the Business Plan will be posted to every voter in the proposed BID town centre area by 3rd February 2014. Businesses will then have up to 6 weeks to vote on the proposal and return their confidential ballot paper to the Returning Officer for the ballot. The ballot will be counted on 18th March 2014.


A BID Proposal in Scotland can only go ahead if:

  • A minimum turnout figure (the headcount) greater than 25% is achieved
  • The turnout by rateable value is greater than 25% of those that vote
  • More than half of those businesses must vote in favour
  • Those businesses must also represent more than half the aggregate rateable value if the total turnout.


To download a copy of the Business Plan May 2014 – 30th April 2019 pleaseĀ click here.

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