BID draws in cash from local authority


This week also saw East Dunbartonshire Council approving a massive £150,000 of funding support for a Business Improvement District.   A successful BID would raise approximately £70,000 from local businesses through collective Levy Investment to which the Council has agreed to add a further £30,000 per annum.   By agreeing to a modest Levy Investment your business would enable this additional significant investment to take place, which would otherwise not be offered.

A  full BID Proposal, which is based on the results of the business consultation carried out earlier this year,  will now be submitted to the Council and Scottish Government for its approval.  The Plan includes actions to improve the town centre through:

  • Enhancing the town centre through physical improvements
  • Making Milngavie town centre the destination of choice through branding and marketing activity
  • Improving business effectiveness through collective savings, lobbying, work experience and training.

Full details of the Plan, once approved by the beginning of January, will be given to all businesses and organisations within the area through events and door-to-door visits in the new year.  A full Business Plan will be posted to every business eligible to vote in the ballot by 3 February 2014.

Following a successful ballot a BID Company would be formed, with a (volunteer) board of directors  representing and appointed by the town centre business community to oversee the delivery of the BID Business Plan.

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