When will the vote happen?

The ballot process February – March 2014

Under the legislation, all eligible persons in the BID area will have the opportunity to vote on whether they want a BID in Milngavie Town Centre.  This means that some businesses with have more than one qualifying property and will have more than one vote. All votes count.

The BID ballot is a confidential postal ballot commissioned by the Returning Officer of East Dunbartonshire Council and conducted in the same way as any other local or general election, governed by Scots Law.

Before the ballot takes places, a ‘Notice of ballot’ will be issues to all businesses in the BID area.  Where a property is vacant the property owner will be eligible to vote and receive the ballot paper.

All qualifying businesses located in the BID area have an opportunity to vote on whether they want a BID in Milngavie Town Centre to go ahead.  From 3rd February 2014 the persons with the authority to vote on behalf of their business will receive a ballot paper and a copy of this Business Plan.  The final date of ballot papers to be returned in the pre-paid envelope is 5 p.m. on 17 March 2014.    The ballot paper needs to be completed by placing a cross in either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ box as a response to the question: ‘Are you in favour of the Business Improvement District’? , signed and then returned in the pre-paid and addressed envelope provided.

  • A BID Proposal in Scotland can only go ahead if a minimum turnout figure of 25% is achieved

  • More than half those businesses vote in favour

  • Those businesses must also represent more than half of the rateable value of the BID area.

The ballot papers will be counted the following day (18 March) and the results announced within one week.

If the ballot is successful the decision is binding on ALL businesses within the defined BID area.