What can a BID do for my business?

The benefits other BID areas have seen are:


  • Increases in footfall
  • Increases in consumer spend
  • Reduced costs (joint activities, e.g. promotions, collective purchasing of utilities)
  • Improves skills development and training with local schools for tomorrow’s workforce
  • Gives businesses a collective local voice and promotes closer links with the local authority
  • Creates a more appealing environment for the businesses and their employees
  • Fair system, everyone invests, everyone benefits
  • Increases an area’s desirability and attracts occupiers


  • Produces economic well being and sustainable economic growth in the area
  • Attracts inward investment
  • Produces social well being/improves quality of life
  • Enhances natural and built assets and supports the sustainability of the town
  • Creates a positive sense of place and enhanced feeling of safety and well-being
  • Civic and community pride


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