What is a BID?

B.I.D is an acronym for Business Improvement District

A BID is about businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements to their trading environment. Through consultation, a range of projects and services are agreed and then voted upon by all eligible businesses in a defined area which will be delivered over a 5 year period. Businesses in 20 other places across Scotland have already voted YES to a BID!

Shouldn’t the local authority be doing this anyway?

East Dunbartonshire Council is required to provide details of the baseline services that it provides to the town centre: full details of these will be made publicly available on this website. The projects and services that a BID will provide MUST be in addition to those provided by public services.

The Propose Area

The proposed BID area is the defined Town Centre of Milngavie and your business/organisation falls within this area. A final version of the map will be published on this website.

What benefits could a BID offer?

  • A more attractive town centre
  • Increased marketing and events all year around leading to:
  • Greater footfall
  • Bringing business together to reduce business costs and act as an effective lobby for the benefit of the town centre’s future
  • Better access for our customers and employees


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