What the BID means for Milngavie Town Centre

Our vision for Milngavie Town Centre is to create a destination of choice for residents, visitors, employees, shoppers and service users and to make Milngavie a location where business and community can thrive.

The BID aims to improve and promote the town centre as an attractive and welcoming place, where people of all ages choose to visit and spend in shops and on services and where businesses will decide to locate and grow. 

We will do this by:

Getting the product right:

1.      Enhancing Milngavie town centre as the heart of the community through projects and actions which will improve the ambiance and attractiveness of the town centre and its businesses and the visibility of individual businesses to all those who visit.


Promoting our product or ‘offer’:

 2.      Making Milngavie a destination of choice: through providing reasons to visit and stay longer and high quality branded promotional marketing and advertising.


Investing in business and acting collectively:

 3.      Effective Business:  business managed, business delivered: a local business led and appointed Board of business directors (non-paid), providing a  strong collective voice on key business issues, drawing in additional external funding to boost improvements, offering financial support for small business growth, tailored training and future local workforce engagement.


Our first 5 year Business Plan outlines specific actions which we will deliver at the same time as drawing in further external investment to develop and deliver a longer term vision for our town centre.

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